Terms and Conditions of Submitting an Article

Registration guide and article submission conditions

Guide to Compiling Articles in Quantitative Economics Quarterly:

1. The subject of the article should be related to quantitative research or applied economics.

2. The article should be the result of studies, experiences, and research of the author (or authors) and in terms of content, it should be a scientific research article. The author is responsible for the accuracy of the content of the article.

3. The article should have not been previously submitted to any of the journals (local or international) or have not been published in any of the journals (or conference proceedings).

4. The main article should include title, authors’ names, abstract (Persian and English), keywords, JEL classification, introduction, main body, appendixes and references.

Note: The main file of the article should include "no authors’ names" and the file of article authors should be submitted according to Form No. 3.

Note 2: Faculty members must use organizational email to submit an article.

- Authors note that the authors’ specifications profile should be compatible with the journal system in terms of the order of the authors, corresponding author, and the authors’ specifications. The authors are responsible for the consequences of this incompatibility.


Author’s scientific degree and field, department ........., faculty .........., university ............, city, country

Assistant Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz, Ahvaz, Iran (Corresponding Author)

- After submitting the article, if the authors request a change in their specifications profile, it is necessary to submit and e-mail their request through form No.3 in which all authors’ names and affiliation are arranged based on the article format standards and signed by all new and old authors.

5. The framework of the article should be compatible with the standards of the Quarterly Journal as provided in the sample file of the authors’ guide

5.1. The text font should be “Times New Roman” and the maximum number of pages of the article including tables, reference list, and appendixes, should be 20 pages.

5.2. Except for the short abstract (that is sent in the Manuscript), the extended abstract (Extended Abstract) should be sent in English at least 450 words (according to form number 4).

Note: For English texts (abstract or article), a valid translation certificate (Native) along with the article (supplementary / additional files section) should be submitted.

6. References should be listed separately and in the alphabetical order, and the duplication of references should be avoided.  

7. Making a reference to articles should be based on APA-6th standard format. Citations should preferably be made using Endnote or Medenly software.

(more information at: https://libguides.library.usyd.edu.au/c.php?g=508212&p=3476096)

8. Author Fee

8.1. Submission Fee: 1000000 Rials which will be taken after the approval of the article for submission to the judgment board.

8.2. Publication Fee: 250000 Rials which will be taken for publication after accepting the article.

9. According to the journal’s new policy of evaluating the degree of similarity, if the submitted articles show less than 15% similarity, they will be sent for judging and if the articles show more than 30% similarity, they will be rejected.

10. The article along with the commitment letter of the corresponding author as a supplementary file (form No.1,2,3) should be submitted simultaneously. After receiving the electronic file of the article, the tracking code will be assigned to the corresponding author and will be sent to his / her e-mail address to receive information about the review, judging, and other follow-up processes.

The received article will first be reviewed by the editorial board and, if deemed appropriate, will be judged confidentially by at least two experts.

 Conflict of Interest Form: Form No. 1 Commitment form: Form No. 2Authors Profile Form: Number Form

- Conflict of Interest Form No.1

- Copyright Form No.2 (Letter to Editor)

- Authors’ Specifications Form No.3

- Extended Abstract Form No.4

- Sample File of Authors’ Guide


Subscription form of Quantitative Economics Quarterly

The cost of editing English articles will be borne by the author.

Note: Authors, who provide Yahoo, Gmail, and other emails outside of Iran, will receive their article confirmation email in the Spam box. Please make the necessary settings to receive subsequent emails in the Inbox or use internal college emails.

Open Access Statement

Quarterly Journal of Quantitative Economics(JQE) is committed to immediate and real open access for academic work. All the original articles, technical briefs and review papers published in this journal are free to access immediately from the date of publication.

Submission Fee: 1000000 Rials which will be taken after the approval of the article for submission to the judgment board.

Publication Fee: 250000 Rials which will be taken for publication after accepting the article.


License Agreement

The non-commercial use of the article will be governed by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License as currently displayed on (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/)