The Quarterly Journal of Quantitative Economics through publishing scientific achievements of researchers in the field of economics aims to provide researchers with a forum for scientific discussions and debates. It is hoped that the publication of this journal will be a step towards improving the scientific level of the country and the world. Accordingly, respected researchers can submit their articles on the following topics of economics:

  1. Econometrics
  2. Microeconomics
  3. Macroeconomics
  4. Mathematical Economics
  5. Institutional and development economics
  6. Monetary Economics
  7. Financial Economics
  8. international Economics
  9. Public Ecnomics
  10. Game theory
  11. Health economics


-In addition to the field of economics, researchers in a variety of disciplines such as statistics, mathematics, engineering, etc. can also submit their quantitative studies based on the new methods applied in economy.

-For the purpose of disseminating knowledge and rapid access by researchers, the PDF version of articles published in this journal is freely available to everyone.

-In order to observe the principles of research ethics, authors are obliged to submit the undertaking letter form at the time of submission of the article as a supplementary file (Form No. 1).

Publication of articles in this journal does not mean that the author's views will are indorsed by the journal.