Document Type : Research Paper


Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman


Considering the growing importance of energy resources in the formation and growth of economic processes and the necessity of exploiting these resources on the basis of environmental considerations and sustainable economic and social development, highlights the issue of identifying and studying the factors affecting consumption and energy efficiency. This estimation method requires complete and definitive information. While many economic variables have oscillating behavior. There is also no definitive information on the factors affecting these variables. In this paper, to study the factors affecting consumption and energy efficiency in Iran, the self-regression model of soft fuzzy logistic transmission for the period of 1395-1369 has been used. The reason for the use of fuzzy regression has been due to the flexibility in modeling, The results of this study indicate the nonlinear effects of CO2 emission and gas prices, respectively, on energy efficiency and energy consumption, Based on these results, the impact of technology and industry's added value on energy efficiency and energy consumption is significant. . On the other hand, the results show the effect of almost identical independent variables on energy consumption at each of the three thresholds, which is related to the energy consumption characteristic. Also, the price of energy carriers at the high thresholds has the most impact on energy consumption.

Key Words: Fuzzy Nonlinear Regression, Energy Consumption, Energy Efficiency


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