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1 khatam university, tehran, iran

2 business economics, allameh tabatabai school of economics, tehran, iran

3 economy, faculty of human sciences, tehran, iran



New communication technologies have faced the nature of production and employment in countries with extensive evolution, the formation of which is based on development in the field of information and communication technology. The E-Commerce Development Index (IDI), as an important and practical tool, measures the level of access, use and skill of using ICT in different regions and communities, which has accelerated the process of transferring communication and information. On the other hand, employment is one of the macroeconomic variables that is very important to pay attention to due to dispersion of unemployment in the country. The effects of ICT and e-commerce on employment are ambiguous, so that the final results are not clear to the entire economy and have different effects in each country and region. Based on the hypothesis of the positive effect of e-commerce on employment in the service sector of the country, according to the statistics of 31 provinces, in a period of 4 years (1395-1398) has been studied and analyzed using the panel data method. The results of model estimation due to the significance of the variables in this study show that the ICT skills index has a negative effect and mobile broadband Internet penetration has a positive effect on employment in this sector.

JEL Classification: C23,D83,E24,F10

Keywords: Employment, E-Commerce, Communication and Information Technology, Panel Data


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