Document Type : Research Paper


Knowledge the household expenditure profile in different ages generations and investigated to identify the gradual change of expenditure over time, always been one of the most important economic issues to investigate and analysis the economic welfare of the household in lifetime.
In this paper, is examined the expenditure profile of young men in Life cycle theory. For survey average the household expenditure profile typical pattern Data building pseudo-panel is designed. The pattern is designed by combining data from cross-sectional household budget generations of families in the years 1990 to 2011 are on track. The results indicate the lowest consumption occurs by newer generations. Whatever younger generations are consumption difference between them is less than in previous generations. The age effect shows the lowest level consumption occurs at age 21 and household consumption expenditure increased with increasing age. The time effect also shows Amount increase in consumption in the second decade (between 2001 and 2011) to more than the amount consumed in the first decade (1991 to 2001).