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Development of financial system and capital market are the two necessities to achieve economic growth and development. The experience of many developing countries showed that structural reformation in financial system and capital market is necessary to finance the required investment for economic growth. One of the main obstacles to financial development is financial repression. The aim of this study is to measure financial repression in the selected oil exporting countries including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Nigeria, Mexico and Indonesia for the period of 1990-2009. The model of the study is the one that introduced by Beim and Colominos (2001) and developed by Battiliossi (2004). The results of the study showed that the level of financial repression was, on average, about 50 during 1990-1998. Eventually it slopes up to reach the 55 in 2009. The financial repression in Iran has almost been close to the average level of financial repression (50.2) of the studied countries. 
JEL classification:G18, G28